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The Partnership Center, Ltd. (PCL) was established in 1997 to create new ways for organizations to improve their performance and effectiveness in order to address homelessness and poverty issues by creating new service models and collaborative efforts. Using data-driven solutions, PCL’s work is focused on helping improve the performance of programs and projects across the country. We work with federal agencies, funders, and community service organizations that plan, fund, or provide housing and services to persons experiencing homelessness and/or low-income persons.

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is a community database system. VESTA collects client-level data for the purpose of being able to assess the performance of those projects in serving their clients. Built using a unique metadata model, the software is customizable for each agency and project, allowing flexibility in data collection and robust reporting. VESTA also helps agencies and community leaders evaluate the effectiveness of services they provide.

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The Partnership Center provides a wide range of national technical assistance (TA) services focused on national Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) issues with HUD and community entities.

  • Sage HMIS Reporting Repository
  • HMIS Data Standards Development
  • Youth Homeless Demonstration Program Data Support and Analysis